What We Do

We both design and deliver solutions in all stages of turnaround and challenged situations.
Our History

Turnaround · Transform · Transition

Kingsgate delivers successful change for organisations in challenged and difficult situations. As a professional services firm we provide solutions ranging from turnarounds to organisation-wide transformation within both the public and private sectors.

When to use us


When organisations are in distress or in crisis


Crisis stabilisation
Cash management
Stakeholder management
Financial restructuring
Cost reduction
Leadership development
NHS Trust Administration


Where there is a trend of underperformance or an organisation is recovering from a crisis

Strategic refocus
Critical process improvement
Stakeholder management
Financial restructuring
Cost reduction
Increased productivity
Mergers & acquisitions advice
Post integration support


When the need arises to ensure the top team is the right one and works effectively together

Leadership development and transition
Board development
Selection and appraisal


In collaboration with our sister company Dearden HR

Our Guiding Principles

We do what we say we will do

We change the drum beat

We do the tough things in a fair and decent way

We get to the heart of the matter

We are trusted advisors to all stakeholders

We believe in no surprises

We endeavour to over-deliver

We put the client at the centre of all we do

We have a clear, disciplined and no-nonsense approach


Difficult to do HR

Kingsgate’s sister company Dearden HR takes the drama out of difficult people issues, improves workforce performance and efficiency whilst delivering benefits and adding lasting value. With over 30 years’ experience Dearden can deal effectively with the full range of people and workforce issues.

Kingsgate and its partner Dearden HR is an alliance of two strong brands with combined experience offering a team-based approach.

Case Studies

Are You Ready To Transform Your Business?
We have an experienced team who have worked at Chief Executive, Chief Restructuring Officer, Chairman, Turnaround Director, Chief Operating Officer and Non-Executive Director level