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Local Government

Kingsgate have successfully applied turnaround and transformation methodologies in local government clients.

The Kingsgate approach to local government clients has been to construct cost reduction programmes based on four key areas:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Property
  • Procurement

By improving processes, aligning HR practices with those prevalent in the commercial sector, reconfiguring the back office and thinning out the organisational structure, we are able to substantially reduce costs whilst ensuring that councils are able to maintain service levels.

Our Experience

Kingsgate has worked with a London local authority in which our team of advisors implemented a five-stage transformation plan. These five ‘pillars’ provided the structure for a successful outcome. They included: 

  • Cost reduction - designed and implementation of a £70 million cost reduction and change programme
  • Key Performance Indicators – targeted productivity improvements across key service areas ensuring that a small number of KPIS were clear, agreed and owned from the top of the organisation and to the bottom
  • Shareholders – political interface and buy in  
  • Interface with Board – ensuring Board oversight, commitment and accountability
  • Culture Change – targeted improvements in performance management, stream-lined HR practices, reduced the layers of management
An Experienced & Qualified Team To Support You
We have an experienced team who have worked at Chief Executive, Chief Restructuring Officer, Chairman, Turnaround Director, Chief Operating Officer and Non-Executive Director level