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Aerospace / Defence

Kingsgate’s work in the Aerospace and Defence sectors demonstrates years of proven, hands-on experience.  Working with large OEM’s and multi-national FTSE clients, as well as their supply chains, provides us with a deep knowledge and understanding of the sector.  

Our team is accredited by the Institute for Turnaround and leverage their market knowledge and experience to identify the key issues quickly and work towards resolving them swiftly once the best solutions have been identified.

Our Experience

  • Leveraging engineering knowledge to deliver an operational diagnostic of supplier operations, including manufacturing, sales and functional support teams.
  • Analysis to support investment decisions for both privately owned and private equity-backed investors
  • Recovery of product development programmes, by using our experience in large scale engineering design and build projects, by rapidly diagnosing critical factors and focusing resources to recover progress
  • Establish programme structure to enable a cross-functional in-house team to deliver improved efficiency performance and increase profitability
  • Supporting clients to establish robust and resilient international operations to deliver on end-customer, market-based needs
  • Experience is delivering programmes whilst assuring customer and industry quality standards are fully maintained, including AS9001, ASTM, IAQG, and APQP 
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