Private Sector

Private Sector – Hands on Turnaround

Working alongside management teams in a hands-on, pragmatic way to manage and communicate with complex stakeholder networks.

  • We address the immediate demands of a turnaround project, whilst embracing often complex stakeholder considerations.
  • Emotionally intelligent and values-based, we build confidence and consensus in a       sensitive way.
  • Combining operational, HR and financial expertise across most industry sectors and    situations, we are able to get to the key issues quickly and work towards swiftly         resolving them
  • Placing effective communication and collaboration at the heart of all we do increases the pace and execution of real results
  • Rapid diagnostic capability considering operational, people and financial elements during the turnaround or transformation process
  • Developing a bespoke program structure to specific client needs, using our proven situational and sector experience


We work in several targeted sectors, in organisations facing challenges requiring turnaround, transformation or transition.

Delivering successful outcomes with OEM’s, multi-national FTSE clients and their supply chains
Value-focused cost reduction with operational and cash flow improvements
Delivering bottom line benefits with solutions led by market demands
Operational and financial support for distressed higher-education providers
Delivering change that improves customer outcomes at increased profitability


Developing solutions specific to the individual situation in a variety of ownership structures

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