Case Study: Acute, Multi-Site Healthcare Provider in the South East

Medical Productivity and Job Planning
Medical Productivity and Job Planning


Kingsgate was brought in to this Multi-site Trust as there was a £19.5m deficit. The Trust was already efficient with 108% to 94% of national average in three years. It was funded by lowest funded PCT in England.

How We Helped

Phase 1 – Matrix approach

The Kingsgate team adopted a matrix-style approach to achieve grip over the organisation at various levels as well as ensuring accountability of all key functions for delivery of the turnaround plan. This was achieved through:

  • Speed
  • Focus
  • Accountability
  • Simplicity
  • Communication
  • Buy-in


Phase 2 – Major productivity drive

To deliver such an ambitious and large-scale plan, we embarked on a significant and large-scale productivity drive, the success of which was crucial to the overall achievement of the CIP target and wider turnaround of the Trust. Broadly, this involved:

  • 300 projects
  • 600 job losses
  • 160 bed closures
  • 31 theatre lists per week reduction
  • Reduction of 70 outpatient clinics
  • Service remodelling and organisational change
  • Administration and clerical review


Cost savings over-achieved vs budget – £33m achieved  with a full year effect of £44m.

Other significant achievements as follows:

  • Length of stay reduced by 8%
  • 165 bed closures
  • Theatre Utilisation increased by 3%
  • Radiology tests reduced by 3%
  • Lab tests reduced by 3%
  • Theatre lists reduced by 10%
  • Theatre direct admissions increased by 5%
  • Outpatient clinics reduced by 31