Case Study: Legal

Analyse and redesign legal service processes
Analyse and redesign legal service processes


Legal professionals are strongly focussed on providing high quality legal advice and support. However, external forces, such as increasingly knowledgeable clients, fierce price competition, the advance of sophisticated IT expert systems and paradigm shifts in the market had forced professionals to review their processes in terms of customers, cost and efficiency. Established traditions and decades of historical ways of working were under significant pressure.  In the Netherlands, Dr. Albert van der Wijk, in association with Kingsgate, analysed these legal service processes in detail and introduced a new approach to legal marketing as well as client file handling.


  • Together, we analysed the portfolio and services were separated into legal commodities and customer specific legal advice
  • The file handling processes were tuned to the specific product: commodity or special
  • Fundamental process changes, such as re-routing of commodity processes through shared back office services and the use of cloud based IT were introduced.
  • Behavioural changes, such as focus on customer orientation (often an underestimated element within the legal profession) turned out to be equally, if not more, important to increase quote conversion.
  • During the implementation, we were very careful to assess the cultural change as well as the resulting shift in the company political landscapes next to the rationale of the process revision.

Results and achievements

The results of these implementations yielded efficiency increase up to 60% in combination with doubling the size of the business within half a year.