Case Study: COVID-19 Support for Acute Healthcare Provider


  • At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic Kingsgate were already supporting the Trust and wider system to develop and deliver a financial recovery programme
  • As COVID-19 took hold, the financial recovery programme was put on ice, and Kingsgate were asked to support COVID-19 planned care response

How We Helped

  • Devised and helped to implement the immediate response strategy for elective care as lockdown came into force in order to free up clinicians for acute work, minimise clinical risk, and ensure that patients were informed at each stage
  • Supported on-going communication and engagement with primary care
  • Led a review and reappraisal of outpatient services taking full advantage of the opportunities presented by the pandemic to transform the delivery of patient care
  • Facilitated and developed the Trust zoning strategy across two hospitals and multiple community sites to minimise footfall, reduce risk in line with emerging best practice in infection prevention and control
  • Supported the organisation to safely increase elective services as the impact of phase one of the pandemic diminished


  • Successful immediate response which enabled services to manage risk, keep in contact with their patients and plan for the future
  • Introduced “attend anywhere” outpatients video consultation software in over twenty clinical areas including community services, and for use by “shielding” clinicians
  • Reprofiled all Trust outpatient clinics to deliver over 40% non-face to face consultations from September 2020, including moving services to improve clinical synergies and enable more one stop visits
  • Delivered a plan to re-zone the hospitals including revised signage, checkpoints and new routes
  • Developed a weekly dashboard providing key planned care information to both drive operational delivery and inform Executive decision making